L.E.A.D. Intro Videos: 'In Case You Missed It'

Women !  Take the L.E.A.D. & Shine



An innovative Training Program

to Empower Women to

Radiate Illumined Leadership

into your Organizations,

Communities & Families & out to

Every Edge of the Earth!

After listening to your comments and requests we realized that it is important to provide you with another opportunity to download your workbook, watch the videos and create your own personal plan to Rise, Shine & L.E.A.D. ... this will equip you to weather any storm.

We invite you to share this web page with everyone who will benefit from this opportunity to create a personal plan to Rise, Shine & L.E.A.D.


  • LEAD for Women Introductory Video Episodes_Workbook.pdf
    LEAD for Women Introductory Video Episodes_Workbook.pdf

    WORKBOOK - We encourage you to download the workbook, review it quickly and then keep it available as you proceed through each Episode #1 - #4. Here is one last chance for you to download and save your e-Workbook. [same workbook - new chance 🙂 ]

Episode #1: "Grabbing the Torch to Take the LEAD and Shine!"
Discover challenges faced by most women;
Identify your own challenges;
Be inspired to break free of them!
Episode #2: "How to Be Happy (and Peaceful)"
Identify fears and kick them out. Who needs them anyway!
Learn how to use these tools to help yourself in the future and with family/friends;
Learn typical roadblocks women face at home and at work;
Identify your own roadblocks to personal and professional happiness;
Find your Happiness Zone!

Episode #3: "How to Be FREE to be me"
Replace your unconstructive beliefs with new positive ones for permanent positive change;
Set your heart and mind free of unwanted thoughts;
Celebrate a new beginning.

Episode #4: "My Personal Plan to Rise, Shine and L.E.A.D."
Learn how powerful and successful women master their mind, body and spirit;
With an emblazoned heart, create a personal plan to Rise, Shine and L.E.A.D.;
A Special Bonus Gift - Twenty Techniques to Personal Power!

We trust that you enjoyed and benefited from each Episode

Plan to succeed!

Be sure to follow through, create your plan and refer to the notes below to Rise, Shine & L.E.A.D. ... this will equip you to weather any storm ...

Women, Weather Any Storm
Be Empowered! Be Unshakeable!

... to help you weather any storm ... take a moment now and discover more details about this timely new "UPLIFT BaseCamp for Women" ... also refer to the notes below


Women!  Take the L.E.A.D. & Shine

UPLIFT BaseCamp Training – with 8 Live on-line training webinars
Be a Beacon of Authentic Leadership in Every Area of Life
Align with Your Noble Core Values and Unique Vision
Activate Whole-Brain Brilliance

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Women's UPLIFT BaseCamp Training: start date TBA.

Women's UPLIFT BaseCamp

ICF CCEU's & IAPC&M CPD hours:  Your UPLIFT BaseCamp Training package is extracted from CLI's ICF Accredited ACSTH 'Certified Power Coach' Program and therefore it includes up to 14 ICF Core Competency CCEU's [the CCEU's are available to those who have not previously studied CLI's 'Level 1: APC' coach training]. Your UPLIFT BaseCamp Training package also qualifies for IAPC&M CPD hours.

We hope you continue to embrace the benefit with this series of free introductory episodes.  I invite you to email me [ betska@coachingandleadership.com ] and share your learnings/benefits.

Be sure to watch your inbox for information about future episodes. And take a moment now to discover more about the "UPLIFT BaseCamp Training for Women"



Betska K-Burr, The Guru Coach®
CLI Co-President

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