L.E.A.D. Intro - Video Episode 4 Playback

Women !  Take the L.E.A.D. & Shine



An innovative Training Program

to Empower Women to

Radiate Illumined Leadership

into your Organizations,

Communities & Families & out to

Every Edge of the Earth!


Episode #4: "My Personal Plan to Rise, Shine and L.E.A.D."
Learn how powerful and successful women master their mind, body and spirit;
With an emblazoned heart, create a personal plan to Rise, Shine and L.E.A.D.;
A Special Bonus Gift - Twenty Techniques to Personal Power!

... be sure to follow through, create your plan and refer to the notes below to Rise, Shine & L.E.A.D. ... this will equip you to weather any storm ...

Women, Weather Any Storm
Be Empowered! Be Unshakeable!

... to help you weather any storm ... take a moment now and discover more details about this timely new "UPLIFT BaseCamp for Women" ... also refer to the notes below


Women!  Take the L.E.A.D. & Shine

UPLIFT BaseCamp Training – with 8 Live on-line training webinars
Be a Beacon of Authentic Leadership in Every Area of Life
Align with Your Noble Core Values and Unique Vision
Activate Whole-Brain Brilliance

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Women's UPLIFT BaseCamp Training: start date TBA.

Women's UPLIFT BaseCamp

ICF CCEU's:  Your UPLIFT BaseCamp Training package is extracted from CLI's ICF Accredited ACSTH 'Certified Power Coach' Program and therefore it includes up to 14 ICF Core Competency CCEU's [the CCEU's are available to those who have not previously studied CLI's 'Level 1: APC' coach training].

We hope you continue to embrace the benefit with this series of free introductory episodes.  I invite you to email me [ betska@coachingandleadership.com ] and share your learnings/benefits.

Be sure to watch your inbox for information about future episodes. And take a moment now to discover more about the "UPLIFT BaseCamp Training for Women"



Betska K-Burr, The Guru Coach®
CLI Co-President

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L.E.A.D. for Women Program
Leadership Empowerment &
Advanced Development

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