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For over 20 years Betska K-Burr & CLI have been in the forefront of empowering people, worldwide, to step into their brilliance in the whole of life. After all, it is the whole person that shows up in every moment and for every endeavor.

Just as we show up in our physical form, our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects are ever present as well. What happens at home affects us at work and visa versa. Our inner conflicts cause outer issues.

Our beliefs have the power to stop us in our tracks, like a solid brick wall, or catapult us to the very best version of our true self.

The intention of the UPLIFT BaseCamp training is to provide the safe and supportive space and place for empowering small steps that create large shifts with enormous impact, personally and collectively. These steps will provide a strong platform to be uplifted and empowered to stand in your authentic vision, values and shining radiance.

Your First Step: Take a moment to consult the schedule below and make sure that the training dates are recorded into your calendar for each 2 hour LIVE webinar session. Make sure you confirm your time zone .

L.E.A.D. BaseCamp Schedule

Your Next Steps: Take a moment and use the links below to download and save your Assessment and Assessment Summary. Instructions for completing the Assessment and Assessment Summary are included with each of the pdf documents. [Please ensure that the Assessment Summary is submitted prior to the start of the first UPLIFT Training Session.]


  • L.E.A.D. - Assessment Results Summary
    L.E.A.D. - Assessment Results Summary

    Be sure to download, save and complete your "Fulfillment & Peace in All Areas of Life - Assessment Summary". Instructions for completing the assessment summary and submitting your results are included with the document. Use the link provided to download, save, complete and submit the assessment summary.

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Betska K-Burr, The Guru Coach®
CLI Co-President

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